Who is the fund for?

Those working in UK audio and radio, including podcasts and audiobooks, who are freelancers and whose main source of income is from freelance work in the audio and radio sector.

Do I need to be a member of The Radio Academy?

No. If you are successful in your request, you will be gifted membership for a year. This is because The Radio Academy is a member-based organisation and this meets the criteria for financial support and you also benefit from the membership.

How do I apply?

Follow the link on this page to a secure site with a form to fill in and submit. If you have any questions about the form or something isn’t clear, please contact [email protected] (please be aware the team are volunteering their time and may not get back to you straight away).

How much can I apply for:

The maximum that can be applied for is £1,000, although we expect most grants will be up to £500.

Are the panel capping how much they give each week?

Yes, in order to make the fund work most effectively over time, there will be a limit the panel can distribute each week.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes. If you are not successful in one round, you can apply in the next round. There is no limit on how many times you apply, however, the panel need to make sure that as many people as possible benefit from the fund overall.

I volunteer in the Audio and Radio sector (community/hospital/student and more) can I apply?

This fund is for individuals whose primary source of income is audio and radio, and where this has been impacted by the effect of coronavirus. Unfortunately, it is therefore unable to support volunteers or those who do not earn an income from the work they do. We can only support people whose living is made in the audio and radio sector and where that has been impacted by the current pandemic.

Do I need to live and work in the UK to apply for the fund?

Yes, you do. We ask for proof of UK address if you are successful in funding. This is to ensure that you meet the criteria.

How will I know my information is kept confidential?

Once you fill in the form, it is sent to the fund email address at The Radio Academy. Only two people have access to this account, the Project Manager and the CEO. They will then prepare the pack for the deciding panel and take out all identifying information, i.e. your name/where you have worked etc. Only the Project Manager and CEO will be in contact with you directly and know your personal details. These will be stored in a secure password protected file on a hard drive and only kept as long as is necessary, in accordance with GDPR requirements and The Radio Academy’s privacy policy.

How will the panel know about the industry and make decisions?

The panel are industry professionals and will be guided by the criteria and the information you provide to demonstrate how you meet these.

How will I know if I’ve been successful or not?

The Project Manager will write to you with the outcome following each round. If you haven’t been successful, you may apply again. If we feel that you need to provide more information, we will also give this feedback to you asap.

What happens if I am successful?

The Project Manager will write to you with the outcome. There may be additional information required to ensure you meet the criteria, for example passport or driving licence to confirm identity. They will then ask for your Bank Account details in a safe and secure way. This email will only come from the fund address at The Radio Academy. More details on this will follow. Please do NOT reply to any other emails, texts, phone calls or whatsapp messages that request your bank account details. This will only come from the [email protected] email address.

How will payment be made, and when will I receive it?

Payment will be made via Bank Transfer and within three working days of a decision, based on the details in the application form are correct.

Will there be a verification process?

It’s really important that we are confident that we are supporting the right people, so If you are successful, we will also ask for a copy of your passport or driving licence and proof of address to ensure residency in the UK. More advice on this will follow with your successful outcome email.

I have a question that’s not listed above – can I contact anyone?

Yes, please email [email protected] and the Project Manager will get back to you in the strictest confidence. We are here to support and assist you.

For those wishing to help with funding:

We welcome contributions to the Emergency Fund – we’re currently working on the best way to accept these via the website, but in the meantime...

We need to prioritise our limited administrative resources to help applicants. If you wish to make a donation of £1,000 or more, please email [email protected]. Otherwise, we appreciate that every little helps, but for smaller amounts, we’ll be very grateful to receive them in the next few days when we’re able to accept online donations.

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