About the Audio and Radio Emergency Fund

The Audio and Radio Emergency Fund has been created to help those in the radio and audio sector who are facing hardship because of the coronavirus crisis.

The urgent need to provide support for freelancers and other individuals who are the lifeblood of radio, podcasts, and audiobooks, has brought together The Radio Academy, AudioUK, the BBC, Audible, ReelWorld and Folder Media to create the new fund.

It has been kick-started with a contribution from The Radio Academy’s benevolent fund and boosted by contributions from the BBC and internet audio company Audible. Funding from other organisations will be announced shortly.

The scheme will give grants of up to £1,000 to individuals who need extra support during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as those in hardship who are receiving no government assistance; people who need help with radio or audio development projects, or those who need new equipment or software.

Applying for funding and support

We want to make the fund go as far as possible to help as many industry colleagues affected by COVID-19 as we can, so we’re asking you to only apply for what you need. We’re expecting high demand for this fund, and we may not be able to give grants to everyone who applies.

The maximum that can be applied for is £1,000, although we expect most grants will be up to £500. This guidance will be kept under review, dependent on the demand for, and availability of funding.

Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence and in the first instance, will only be seen by the Fund Project Managers and The Radio Academy’s CEO.

They will then be anonymised, with all identifying details taken out before being sent to the panel for review. Confidentiality is paramount to us and we will go to every length to protect those that are applying.

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